A unique combination of an efficient German language course and a cosy home-stay

Our fully personalised courses combine the advantages of a pleasant home-stay with the benefits of a top quality German language course.

Advantages of a pleasant home-stay:

- Relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning and developing self-confidence in the target language,

- Constant attention paid to your areas of interests

- Excellent home-made cuisine


Benefits of a top quality German language course:

- Needs assessment and setting up of objectives

- Structured and interactive lessons

- Effective teaching method

- Qualified and experienced teachers


What you will certainly not find elsewhere:

- Presence of your teachers during all breaks and meals to accompany and support you throughout the day and in the evening. You learn and practise at all moments, not only in lessons, enjoying an ongoing and homogenous training programme from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

- A tailor-made course designed for you and with you.

- Tangible progress in your listening skills and pronunciation.

- Certainty to reach the objectives fixed at the start of the course.

Our systematic one-to-one approach to teaching combined with the family atmosphere enable our students to make considerable progress in a very short time, generally 3-4 times more than a group programme and 2-3 times more than a homestay.  (You will find testimonials of our previous students that confirm this on our website. )


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